As a leading global manufacturer of next generation photovoltaic products, we believe close cooperation with our partners is critical toSolar - Trina Solar success. With local presence around the globe, Trina is able to provide exceptional service to each customer in each market and supplement our innovative, reliable products with the backing of Trina as a strong, bankable partner. We are committed to building strategic, mutually
beneficial collaboration with installers, developers, distributors and other partners as the backbone of our shared success in driving Smart Energy Together.


More reliable frameless design

  • PID resistant and free of snail trails
  • Reduced soiling
  • Modern aesthetics

Enhanced safety

  • Fire class A certified

More durable

  • Robust package protects cells during mechanical loadingSolar - Trina Solar
    and shocks to minimize micro-cracks

Certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions

  • Module coating resistant to sand, acid, and alkali
  • 3600 Pa wind load*
  • 35 mm hail stones at 97 km/h
  • 5400 Pa snow load*

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Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and eveningsSolar - Trina Solar

  • Advanced surface texturing
  • Back surface field
  • Selective emitter

Maximize Limited Space

  • 60-cell module power output up to 260W
  • Up to 159 W/m² power density

Highly reliable due to stringent quality control

  • Over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF, and many more)
  • In-house testing goes well beyond certification requirements

Certified to withstand challenging environmental conditions

  • 2400 Pa wind load
  • 5400 Pa snow load
  • 35mm hail stone at 97 km/hr

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TSM-DC80.08Solar - Trina Solar

  • Module can bear snow loads up to 5400Pa and wind loads up to 2400Pa
  • Guaranteed power output 0~+3%
  • high performance under low light conditions
    Cloudy days, mornings and evenings
  • Modules using Quadmax technology have up to 8% more power output
  • Manufactured according to international Quality and environment Management System Standards ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Black frame improves aesthetics
  • MC4 photovoltaic connectors increase system reliability

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Solar Surya Indotama
Solar Surya Indotama
Sebuah perusahaan swasta yang bergerak dalam bidang energi alternatif yaitu energi surya. Tidak hanya bergerak sebagai distributor, tetapi juga merupakan perusahaan yang melakukan EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction).

SSI memasok dan menginstal Solar Surya Photovoltaik (PV) serta membantu semakin banyak orang menemukan manfaat dari sistem panas matahari untuk menghasilkan energi yang bersih dan ramah lingkungan (Green Energy) untuk kebutuhan rumah, kantor dan industri di Indonesia.

Hubungi kami:
Ruko Greenville Blok A No. 1-2
Jl. Green Ville Raya, Duri Kepa.
Jakarta Barat - 11510
Telp: 021 565 6013
HP: 0812 8777 9900